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Auxiliary Beacon

The Pathfinder™ Auxiliary Beacon is a device used to mark way-points inside a structure. Operating on the Auxiliary (YELLOW) frequency, this low-cost device allows any firefighter equipped with a Tracker to rapidly locate internal points or rally points, including fire hose nozzles, emergency air tanks, search rope bags, or even the RIT team (when deployed). Since ultrasound signals are reflected by walls, these Beacons work even if they are located around a corner or are hidden beyond obstacles, such as furniture or debris. When turned ON, Auxiliary Beacons transmit a continuous ultrasound signal while flashing ultra-bright red AND white LED strobes. There is an additional high-volume, sweeping audible alarm that can be muted by the firefighter.

Rather than creating a single Beacon for ALL exits and "bread-crumb" trails, Summit believes it is important to distinguish between the actual exits and internal points. A firefighter needing to evacuate immediately cannot take the risk of accidentally going farther in thinking s/he is "exiting". Imagine, however, the situation where you find a trapped civilian, but cannot rescue them without extra tools. Marking the location of the civilian will allow you to return rapidly, thereby saving precious time. The Auxiliary Beacon is designed for the situations where internal marking is necessary, but cannot interfere with identification of Exits.

Auxiliary Beacons operate on a separate ultrasound frequency than Firefighter Beacons and Exit Beacons. Since Radio Frequency (RF) is not being used, there is no need for a temporary "10 second standby" to prevent the interference issues experienced by other locating systems. A Pathfinder Tracker automatically distinguishes between Beacons, making "standbys" unnecessary.

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What's Included
  • Pathfinder™ Auxiliary Beacon.
  • Standard magnet pre-installed.
  • Operator's manual
Standard Features
  • "Fire-and-Forget" Operation
    Easy to use, simple ON/OFF operation. No temporary "10 second standby" required.
  • Dual Ultrasound transmitters
    Used by Pathfinder™ Trackers™ for locating the closest way-point.
  • High intensity, audible alarm
    Beacon emmits an intermittent sweeping tone. Alarm can be muted depending on department preference.
  • Ultra-bright LED "strobes"
    8 White and 6 Red LEDs assist with locating a way-point in low or high smoke conditions.
  • Interchangeable mounting methods
    Flexible design allows department to customize deployment methods. Three standard 8-32 machine screw inserts allow firefighters to "customize" their Auxiliary Beacons with different mounting methods. The Auxiliary Beacon ships standard with a magnet pre-installed. Additional integrated strap loops in the grills allow attachment using 1" webbing or cable ties.
Optional Features
  • Nomex strap
    Optional strap can be fitted through grill slots to allow Auxiliary Beacon to be quickly attached to door handles, ladders, bannisters, or other non-magnetic objects.

Number of Transmitters2
Transmitter LocationEnds of Beacon
Ultrasound ChannelAuxiliary (YELLOW)
Frequency38.46 KHz
Battery TypeFour AA-cell alkaline
Battery Life25+ hours continuous operation
LED Strobes8 White LEDs: 144,000 mcd @ 30°
6 Red LEDs: 48,000 mcd @ 30°
Low Battery Indicator1 flashing amber LED
Mounting Screws3 threaded inserts (8-32 screw)
Maximum Strap Size1.0 in. [2.5 cm] wide
0.18 in. [0.45 cm] thick
MaterialZytel® and Lexan® thermoplastics
Weight w/out Battery9.68 oz.
Weight w/ Battery11.28 oz.
Length5.0 in. [12.7 cm]
Width3.0 in. [7.6 cm]
Height1.6 in. [4.1 cm]


English product guide for the Pathfinder System on the Sperian Warrior SCBA.
../sperian/SP_Pathfinder_En.pdfSP_Pathfinder_En.pdf (pdf 407 KB)
../sperian/SP_Pathfinder_En.xpsSP_Pathfinder_En.xps (xps 415 KB)

Datasheet for the Pathfinder System on the ISI Viking series SCBAs and 2500/3500 series Thermal Imaging Cameras.
../isi/EchoTracer_datasheet_4-3-09.pdfEchoTracer_datasheet_4-3-09.pdf (pdf 1.29 MB)
../isi/EchoTracer_datasheet_4-3-09.xpsEchoTracer_datasheet_4-3-09.xps (xps 499 KB)

Sperianfire.com page for Pathfinder Equipment relating to Sperian and Survivair SCBAs (NOTE: This is an external webpage).
http://www.sperianfire.com/respProdB.aspx?id=892&coll_id=58&menu_id=34http://www.sperianfire.com/respProdB.aspx?id=892&coll_id=58&menu_id=34 (html)
Survivair.com page for Pathfinder Equipment relating to Sperian and Survivair SCBAs (NOTE: This is an external webpage).
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Avon-ISI.com page for Pathfinder-compliant EchoTracer™ and EchoSeeker™ Equipment relating to ISI's SCBAs and TICs (NOTE: This is an external webpage).
Coming soon. . . Check back later.Coming soon. . . Check back later.

Ordering Information

The Auxiliary Beacon is available from any authorized distributor of Sperian or Avon-ISI. For part numbers and/or order inquiries, please call (toll-free) Sperian Respiratory Protection at (800) 821-7236 or Avon-ISI at (888) 474-7233.

Additionally, you may view our comprehensive Sales Support page to find the distributor or sales representative nearest you. Thank you.

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