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RIT Tracker

New in April, 2009, this Tracker™ represents the state-of-the-art in Firefighter Locating systems. The RIT Tracker is fully-functional and capable locating any Pathfinder™ Beacon (Firefighter/RED, Auxiliary/YELLOW, or Exit/GREEN). Its simple and intuitive interface allows the firefighter to focus on navigating to the victim while simultaneously being aware of the surrounding conditions.

Several improvements separate this new Tracker from previous versions. Sophisticated front-end electronics improve signal input while simultaneously rejecting noise and increasing the system operating range. The new design also incorporates a doppler rejection technique that allows the firefighter to walk or crawl while scanning. An integrated long-wavelength, smoke-penetrating, red flashlight is included to help firefighters spot one another in dense smoke. Additionally, the RIT Tracker is significantly smaller in size and incorporates an internal Gear Keeper retractor.

In training sessions, many firefighters have felt confident enough to use the RIT Tracker with as little as one minute of instruction. In fact, all you have to do is scan a 360° circle and go in the direction which gives you the strongest signal. The RIT Tracker will always tell you the direction of the shortest PATH to the firefighter, whether it is down a hallway, around a corner, or up the stairs. The RIT Tracker will NEVER tell you to go through a wall.

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What's Included
  • Fully functional Pathfinder RIT Tracker (p/n 202).
  • Integrated Gear Keeper RT4 retractor with QC-II Interconnect.
  • Operator's manual
Standard Features
  • High sensitivity Ultrasound receiver
    Sophisticated front-end electronics filter out background and fire-scene noises, looking for only the desired frequency of Ultrasound.
  • Easy to read LED bargraph
    Indicates the relative strength of the received Ultrasound signal. User does NOT have to read numeric readout.
  • Visible FREQUENCY indicators
    Pairs of color-coded LEDs indicate the selected FREQUENCY of operation.
  • ON/OFF button
    Single button used to turn the Tracker ON and OFF. Also used to cycle between all three FREQUENCIES of operation.
  • Intuitive audible beeper
    Audio beeper "beeps" at a faster rate for a stronger signal.
  • MUTE button
    Single button used to toggle the audible beeper between mute and non-mute.
  • Ultra-high intensity signal "Flare"
    Used to attract the attention of nearby firefighters or to act as a smoke-cutting flashlight. The long wavelength of these high-intensity red LEDs is the best form of visible light for pentrating smoke. This feature is best used when two firefighters are within earshot, but cannot see each other.
  • Functionally Intrinsically Safe
    Designed to meet the requirements of UL913 for use in Class 1, Division 1, Group A, B, C and D Hazardous Locations, however, certification has not been sought at this time.
Optional Features
  • Removable Handle
    Ergonomic, pistol grip style handle can be easily attached to the battery cover using two 8-32 screws. Interchangeable with Exit Tracker.
  • Interchangeable retractor attachments
    Standarized QC-II interconnect allows use of different attachments available from Gear Keeper.

Firefighter (RED)Yes, (41.67 KHz)
Auxiliary (YELLOW)Yes, (38.46 KHz)
Exit (GREEN)Yes, (35.71 KHz)
Signaling Flare6 red LEDs: 72,000 mcd @ 23°
Bargraph12 segment LED
Battery TypeOne 9-Volt alkaline
Battery Life25 to 30 hours
(less with excessive flashlight)
Low Battery Indicator1 flashing amber LED
MaterialZytel® and Lexan® thermoplastics
Weight w/o 9-Volt or GearKeeper11.5 oz.
Weight w/ 9-Volt and GearKeeper16.1 oz.
Length5.2 in. [13.2 cm]
Width3.2 in. [8.1 cm]
Height 2.0 in. [5.1 cm]


English product guide for the Pathfinder System on the Sperian Warrior SCBA.
../sperian/SP_Pathfinder_En.pdfSP_Pathfinder_En.pdf (pdf 407 KB)
../sperian/SP_Pathfinder_En.xpsSP_Pathfinder_En.xps (xps 415 KB)

Datasheet for the Pathfinder System on the ISI Viking series SCBAs and 2500/3500 series Thermal Imaging Cameras.
../isi/EchoTracer_datasheet_4-3-09.pdfEchoTracer_datasheet_4-3-09.pdf (pdf 1.29 MB)
../isi/EchoTracer_datasheet_4-3-09.xpsEchoTracer_datasheet_4-3-09.xps (xps 499 KB)

Sperianfire.com page for Pathfinder Equipment relating to Sperian and Survivair SCBAs (NOTE: This is an external webpage).
http://www.sperianfire.com/respProdB.aspx?id=892&coll_id=58&menu_id=34http://www.sperianfire.com/respProdB.aspx?id=892&coll_id=58&menu_id=34 (html)
Survivair.com page for Pathfinder Equipment relating to Sperian and Survivair SCBAs (NOTE: This is an external webpage).
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Avon-ISI.com page for Pathfinder-compliant EchoTracer™ and EchoSeeker™ Equipment relating to ISI's SCBAs and TICs (NOTE: This is an external webpage).
Coming soon. . . Check back later.Coming soon. . . Check back later.

Ordering Information

The RIT Tracker is available from any authorized distributor of Sperian or Avon-ISI. For part numbers and/or order inquiries, please call (toll-free) Sperian Respiratory Protection at (800) 821-7236 or Avon-ISI at (888) 474-7233.

Additionally, you may view our comprehensive Sales Support page to find the distributor or sales representative nearest you. Thank you.

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