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TrackerCam™ is the generic name for the combination of a Pathfinder™ Tracker™ and a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC). This technology fusion gives a firefighter the ability to determine the quickest PATH while seeing through smoke. It allows the user to rapidly locate fallen firefighters or exits. By drawing upon the unique features of each technology it restores the "eyes and ears" of firefighters. This new tool in the arsenal of fire-fighting equipment is truely greater than the sum of its parts.

In training sessions, many firefighters have felt confident enough to use any Tracker with as little as one minute of instruction. In fact, all you have to do is scan a 360° circle and go in the direction which gives you the strongest signal. Remember, the Pathfinder™ System acts like a high-tech, eletronic rope. A Tracker will always tell you the direction of the shortest PATH to the exit, whether it is down a hallway, around a corner, or down the stairs. A Tracker will NEVER tell you to go through a wall.

Under the trade name EchoSeeker™, TrackerCam is currently available as an accessory for the ISI 2500 and 3500 series of TICs. The modular design of EchoSeeker allows the unit to be easily retrofitted to existing cameras: all a firefighter has to do is remove the battery, slide in EchoSeeker and re-install the battery.

ISI 3500 TIC

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