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37.  What is Summit Safety's mission? How did Summit Safety begin?
Summit Safety is committed to helping firefighters find distressed fellow firefighters. Starting just after the tragic Franklin Street fire in Worcester, MA in December, 1999, several Boston area residents formed Summit with the express purpose of identifying and developing a system to put the ultimate technology in the hands of the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) for finding firefighters. We identified that PASS Devices worked well for indentifying that a firefighter was in distress, but would only get RIT to the general area of the firefighter. A path-finding system was needed to help RIT put their hands ON the firefighter. Summit started the development of an ultrasound-based navigation system to help augment firefighter rescue.

38.  What does Summit Safety do?
Summit Safety specializes in integrating advanced sensor technologies into existing first responder equipment as well as a standalone solution for applicable domestic and international markets. As of today Summit has its Pathfinder™ locator system on thousands of firefighters across the globe. Summit has an ongoing research and development (R&D) program aimed at providing better safety and accountability for firefighters and first responders in general.

39.  Why are we so focused on our users?
We are focused on our customers because of the critical nature of the firefighting profession. Structural firefighting has historically been a dangerous work environment. Modern-day materials create environments of even geater danger making the window of rescue even more critical. In order to effect a successful rescue, firefighters must be able to find their own within minutes of a "May Day." Summit is commited to providing mission-critical technologies to keep our first responder heroes safe.

40.  Who are our customers?
First responders are the main focus of Summit Safety, including firefighters, police, urban search and rescue, and military personnel.

41.  Who are our partners?
In order to seamlessly integrate Summit's core technology, the Pathfinder firefighter locator system, strategic partnerships with the Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) manufacturers was necessary. In April of 2004, Summit Safety concluded an agreement with Survivair to develop and market an air-integrated system on the Panther SCBA platform. At the April, 2008, Fire Department Instructor’s Conference (FDIC), Summit Safety debuted the next integration of the Pathfinder system, this time on the ISI SCBA and Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) platforms.

42.  What are our products?
Our product offering consists of a range of sophisticated, high-tech sensors that provide the backbone of the Pathfinder firefighter locating system. The individual products can be viewed in the preceding FAQ pages or with greater detail in the products section.

43.  Is Summit Safety a public corporation?
No, Summit Safety, Inc. is privately held. Summit was incorporated in 2000 and is a Massachusetts sub-chapter S corporation with primary offices in Devens, MA.

44.  How can I invest in Summit Safety? Can I purchase stock directly from the company?
Summit Safety is not currently soliciting investments. If you are interested in investment opportunities, please feel free to introduce yourself. Should the company decide to seek investment, stock would be purchased by invitation from the Board of Directors of the corporation.

45.  How do I contact Investor Relations?
If you currently are an investor and have any questions and comments, please contact Summit's Chief Operating Officer (COO) Richard Young at (978) 772-9009 extension 108.

46.  I am a journalist seeking to interview Summit Safety personnel. Who can I contact regarding my request?
If you know the contact information of the party you are seeking, please feel free to contact the individual directly. If your questions relate to Engineering or Research & Development, please call (866) 641-1500 and select option 4 at the prompt. All other questions may be directed towards Customer Service by calling (866) 641-1500 and selecting option 3 at the prompt.

47.  Where can I find more information about Summit Safety?
Please feel free to browse our informative website to find any information you may be seeking. If you have any questions that have not been answered satisfactorily by this website, please call and tell us.

48.  How can I contact Summit Safety?
Please feel free to call Summit Safety toll-free at (866) 641-1500. Additional means of contacting Summit may be found in our contact page.

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