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Exit Beacon

The Pathfinder™ Exit Beacon is a device used to mark egress points on the perimeter of the structure. Operating on the Exit (GREEN) frequency, this low-cost device allows any firefighter equipped with a Tracker to rapidly locate the closest Exit. Since ultrasound signals are reflected by walls, these Beacons work even if they are located around a corner or are hidden beyond obstacles, such as furniture or debris. When turned ON, Exit Beacons transmit a continuous ultrasound signal while flashing ultra-bright red AND white LED strobes. There is an additional high-volume, sweeping audible alarm that can be muted by the firefighter.

Rather than creating a single Beacon for ALL exits and "bread-crumb" trails, Summit believes it is important to distinguish between the actual exits and internal points. Imagine the scenario where a firefighter is low on air and needs to exit. It makes no sense for him/her to track down a Beacon located inside the structure. Instead, the firefighter should focus on the actual exit, thereby saving precious time.

Exit Beacons operate on a separate ultrasound frequency than Firefighter Beacons and Auxiliary Beacons. Since Radio Frequency (RF) is not being used, there is no need for a temporary "10 second standby" to prevent the interference issues experienced by other locating systems. A Pathfinder Tracker automatically distinguishes between Beacons, making "standbys" unnecessary.

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What's Included
  • Pathfinder™ Exit Beacon.
  • Standard magnet pre-installed.
  • Operator's manual
Standard Features
  • "Fire-and-Forget" Operation
    Easy to use, simple ON/OFF operation. No temporary "10 second standby" required.
  • Dual Ultrasound transmitters
    Used by Pathfinder™ Trackers™ for locating the closest Exit.
  • High intensity, audible alarm
    Beacon emmits an intermittent sweeping tone. Alarm can be muted depending on department preference.
  • Ultra-bright LED "strobes"
    8 White and 6 Red LEDs assist with locating an exit in low or high smoke conditions.
  • Interchangeable mounting methods
    Flexible design allows department to customize deployment methods. Three standard 8-32 machine screw inserts allow firefighters to "customize" their Exit Beacons with different mounting methods. The Exit Beacon ships standard with a magnet pre-installed. Additional integrated strap loops in the grills allow attachment using 1" webbing or cable ties.
Optional Features
  • Nomex strap
    Optional strap can be fitted through grill slots to allow Exit Beacon to be quickly attached to door handles, ladders, bannisters, or other non-magnetic objects.

Number of Transmitters2
Transmitter LocationEnds of Beacon
Ultrasound ChannelExit (GREEN)
Frequency35.71 KHz
Battery TypeFour AA-cell alkaline
Battery Life25+ hours continuous operation
LED Strobes8 White LEDs: 144,000 mcd @ 30°
6 Red LEDs: 48,000 mcd @ 30°
Low Battery Indicator1 flashing amber LED
Mounting Screws3 threaded inserts (8-32 screw)
Maximum Strap Size1.0 in. [2.5 cm] wide
0.18 in. [0.45 cm] thick
MaterialZytel® and Lexan® thermoplastics
Weight w/out Battery9.68 oz.
Weight w/ Battery11.28 oz.
Length5.0 in. [12.7 cm]
Width3.0 in. [7.6 cm]
Height1.6 in. [4.1 cm]


English product guide for the Pathfinder System on the Sperian Warrior SCBA.
../sperian/SP_Pathfinder_En.pdfSP_Pathfinder_En.pdf (pdf 407 KB)
../sperian/SP_Pathfinder_En.xpsSP_Pathfinder_En.xps (xps 415 KB)

Datasheet for the Pathfinder System on the ISI Viking series SCBAs and 2500/3500 series Thermal Imaging Cameras.
../isi/EchoTracer_datasheet_4-3-09.pdfEchoTracer_datasheet_4-3-09.pdf (pdf 1.29 MB)
../isi/EchoTracer_datasheet_4-3-09.xpsEchoTracer_datasheet_4-3-09.xps (xps 499 KB)

Sperianfire.com page for Pathfinder Equipment relating to Sperian and Survivair SCBAs (NOTE: This is an external webpage).
http://www.sperianfire.com/respProdB.aspx?id=892&coll_id=58&menu_id=34http://www.sperianfire.com/respProdB.aspx?id=892&coll_id=58&menu_id=34 (html)
Survivair.com page for Pathfinder Equipment relating to Sperian and Survivair SCBAs (NOTE: This is an external webpage).
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Avon-ISI.com page for Pathfinder-compliant EchoTracer™ and EchoSeeker™ Equipment relating to ISI's SCBAs and TICs (NOTE: This is an external webpage).
Coming soon. . . Check back later.Coming soon. . . Check back later.

Ordering Information

The Exit Beacon is available from any authorized distributor of Sperian or Avon-ISI. For part numbers and/or order inquiries, please call (toll-free) Sperian Respiratory Protection at (800) 821-7236 or Avon-ISI at (888) 474-7233.

Additionally, you may view our comprehensive Sales Support page to find the distributor or sales representative nearest you. Thank you.

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