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Pathfinder Beacons

New in May 2009, the Stand-Alone Pathfinder™ Firefighter Beacon is an SCBA-independent device: any firefighter can wear it with any SCBA or without. The device funtions similar to a PASS device: there is an automatic activation, a motion sensor detects movement, a pre-alarm goes off after 20 seconds of no movement, the device alarms after 30 seconds of no movement, and lastly there is a "panic" button. Operating on the Firefighter (RED) frequency, this lower-cost device affords the same level of protection as an integrated Beacon. Additionally, it allows any SCBA to be "upgraded" and can be used in operations not requiring an SCBA (such as USAR or overhaul).

The Stand-Alone Firefighter Beacon is mutual-aid compatible with standard Pathfinder equipment. When the device goes into alarm, it transmits a specific ultrasound signal. Any RIT Tracker or Legacy Tracker is capable of detecting and following this transmitted signal, leading the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) along the PATH to the distressed firefighter. The Pathfinder System acts a high-tech, eletronic rope.

In structural firefighting applications, Exit Beacons are used to mark egress points on the perimeter of the structure. Auxiliary Beacons are used to mark internal points or rally points, including fire hose nozzles, emergency air tanks, search rope bags, or even the RIT team (when deployed). Any RIT Tracker or Legacy Tracker is capable of detecting and following these transmitted signals, leading the firefighter along the path to the exit or internal point. Additionally, individual firefighters can find Exit and Auxiliary Beacons, using the new, lower-cost Exit Trackers.

Firefighter Beacon

Exit Beacon

Auxiliary Beacon


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