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Pathfinder Trackers

The Tracker is a light-weight, hand-held, multi-faceted rescue tool for firefighters. The Tracker is designed to detect the Ultrasound signal from a Beacon and follow it back to its source. Ultrasound has the unique capability of following the air path between the Beacon and Tracker. This means that the Tracker will tell you the PATH to the disabled firefighter, NOT making it necessary to breach the walls.

The new RIT Tracker and the discontinued Legacy Tracker are capable of receiving and tracking all three (3) Beacon frequencies: Firefighter (RED), Auxiliary (YELLOW), and Exit (GREEN). These Trackers are designed for RIT applications involving the search for diasabled or entrapped firefighters. The new Exit Tracker is designed as a self-recue tool for every firefighter. It is intended to keep firefighters oriented to exits from the structure, enabling quick egress should the need arise. The Exit Tracker is only capable of receiving and tracking two (2) Beacon frequencies: Auxiliary (YELLOW) and Exit (GREEN). Since almost all documented LODD emergencies have involved firefighter disorientation, preventing disorientation will help to lower the necessity for a May-Day emergency. The revolutionary EchoSeeker™ returns the firefighter's "eyes and ears" through the sensor fusion of a Tracker integrated into a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC).

In training sessions, many firefighters have felt confident enough to use any Tracker with as little as one minute of instruction. In fact, all you have to do is scan a 360° circle and go in the direction which gives you the strongest signal. Remember, the Pathfinder™ System acts like a high-tech, eletronic rope. A Tracker will always tell you the direction of the shortest PATH to the exit, whether it is down a hallway, around a corner, or down the stairs. A Tracker will NEVER tell you to go through a wall.

It is recommended that fire departments employ one RIT Tracker for every piece of apparatus (Engine, Truck, etc.) in order to ensure coverage for first-due units. If the department chooses to employ Exit Trackers, it is recommended that every team entering the structure have at least one. Question #26 of the FAQ section covers this in further detail.

RIT Tracker

Exit Tracker

Legacy Tracker

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